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Imagine you are walking through the concrete jungle of Hong Kong when suddenly you see a bright red tent, in the middle of the city!  Wouldn't you like to know what is inside?  It’s FAMA’s PopUp Opera, a striking 6 metre-high, custom-designed cinema with comfortable seating for 40 viewers.  Entry is free of charge.  Hong Kong has never seen anything like this before!

FAMA is committed to bringing the art of opera to the people of Hong Kong, particularly those living in economically-disadvantaged areas and to expand the audience for the performing arts in the region.  To this end we are delighted to present the PopUp Opera.

This cultural outreach program has shown that opera, when presented in an entertaining and meaningful way, can touch the hearts of all people, regardless of their knowledge or experience.  As one viewer said, “Through this documentary and after seeing the entire film, I found out that opera can be very meaningful and touching for ordinary city people.” Italian Consul General Alessandra Schiavo, after visiting the PopUp Opera, said “I congratulate [FAMA] for your excellent work and the great initiative of getting common people closer to opera. After all, this is the true 'spirito dell'Opera'!"



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